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Helpful Resources

NAMI Families In Action Panel - May 2016

Gratitude March 2016 - Woman's Awareness

APFL habit change your mind

APFL how happy are you

APFL I have arrived

APFL In Control of Nothing

APFL on your mind

Overwhelmed by my thoughts

APFL Taking that first step

APFL thinking clearly

APFL types of goals

Many people in many situations can benefit from APFL in combination with other treatments. If you think you may suffer from depression, trauma, addiction or other difficult emotional situations please seek professional help. The resources here can help you get started.

Alcoholics Anonymous

12 step recovery programs

Weight Watchers

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Learn more about the mindfulness techniques of Donna Rockwell Ph.D

How writing helps you face challenges

How a mindfulness practice can improve your life



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