APFL is designed to be useful for anyone who would like to improve emotional awareness and increase mindfulness.

APFL can work along with prescription medication to build new emotional habits. We recommend that you talk to your doctor or therapist about how to integrate it with your current treatment.

We recommend that you begin by talking to your therapist about APFL and discussing how to integrate it with your current treatment.

APFL won’t replace professional treatment but it can help you gain emotional awareness and build mindfulness.

Caregiving can create enormous emotional stress. APFL can help you identify stressful situations and learn to regulate your emotional reactions.

APFL won’t replace professional treatment so you must begin there. Find resources through the VA  or NAMI  However APFL can be a beneficial complement to other treatment.

You’ll find many similarities between APFL and 12-step programs. APFL will reinforce and strengthen the approaches you learn in recovery.

Employers who offer the APFL premium account as a benefit to their employees are choosing a low cost way to invest in employees’ happiness and productivity. Contact us at mweinberger@aplanforliving.comto learn about our packages.

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