APlan for Living is a digital mindfulness manager and wellness platform.

As with all good fitness regimens that involve tracking your individual progress, our app tracks your mindful progress and growth over time.

A Plan for Living also connects you with coaches on an as-needed basis to help redirect you when things aren’t going quite as expected.  Our tool is all about making progress – not perfect progress – just progress!


Goolge play

The Mind-Body connection is more important now than ever before.

Practice Mindfulness.  Wherever, Whenever.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be a formal process where you find time to close your eyes and meditate for a specified period of time in order for you to benefit.  Contrary to popular belief, creating a mindful state can be done in as quickly as 10 – 15 seconds!

A Plan For Living helps re-wire your brain to better handle and process events that occur in everyday life resulting in decreased stress, anxiety, frustration and irritation.  Our app is the anchor that is practicing mindfulness for you!  You simply have to open it when you have a minute, enter your data and begin to feel transformed!

Minimal Data Entry

In minutes a day, log your Gratitude, Thoughts and Experiences to help gain perspective.  Enjoy the benefits of sharing without judgment.  Learn to let go and be present!

Stay Happy and Connected

Sometimes finding happiness throughout your day is difficult!  Sometimes impossible!  Our app is there to listen!  When you are unsure of the next thing to do – pause and update your Plan!

Nothing to install

Regardless of your device – start using our app today!  You can’t find it in the App Store or Play Store – it is available directly from our website and works on all devices instantly!

What if you could change your state of mind in as little as 10 seconds?

(Yes - seconds!)

We don’t require any fancy outfits or dedicated rooms in your home!  Simply open your phone and begin using it – and let the happiness begin!

How It Works

A Plan For Living is a mindful design that helps individuals gain perspective and maximize successes by using simple principles and easy to follow steps.  The Plan allows you to achieve peace and serenity while living in a world of anxiety, fear, worry, uncertainty and occasional chaos. You will acquire an increased level of self-awareness through rigorous self discovery, and you will develop the desire to stop feeling and living the way you have been.

Ultimately, you want to be happy, right? Happy without conditions?  Happy regardless of what happens in life?  If the answer is yes, then A Plan For Living was designed for you!



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