Why it works

A Plan For Living does NOT solve your problems!  (Part of The Plan consists of rigorous honesty and we didn’t want to misrepresent what A Plan For Living is all about!)

We provide the necessary tools to gain perspective on your problems and help open your mind to finding solutions. The Plan WILL help you in the following areas of your life:

  • reduced anxiety
  • managed (or decreased) stress levels
  • acceptance
  • accountability
  • clarity of thought
  • improved personal relationships
  • strengthened parenting skills
  • living in the present

A Plan For Living is NOT therapy.  We are NOT a medical service.  We were born out of the necessity to manage life beyond therapy sessions and support groups.  We were developed out of the necessity to more efficiently manage our own lives in an unforgiving and ever-changing world. Living by The Plan means following these principles:

  • Understand yourself, be honest
  • Take accountability for your part in life
  • Discover your own unique definition of spirituality
  • Be fearless and have the willingness and courage to change
  • Find the miracles in your life
  • Understand how spirituality can help your finite mind solve infinite problems
  • Progress not perfection

A Plan For Living is an on-going and organic process that evolves over time as you begin to intuitively address and resolve issues in your life that previously caused chaos, confusion, anxiety, depression, irritability and frustration.  The Plan is your foundation for cultivating happiness when life isn’t going your way.

It is human nature to worry.  The fight or flight mechanism in our brain has been wired from our ancestors when it was actually needed for survival.  Unfortunately, our brain often runs on survival mode even when it’s not necessary. Those same reactions that saved us from imminent and certain death can get triggered when we are reading emails or paying our own bills.  Unfortunately living in a world that encourages up-regulation, many of us don’t have the ability to properly regulate our own emotions and therefore have disproportionate responses to events in our lives, both real and imagined.  A Plan For Living helps rewire your brain to more efficiently handle those exact situations.

One of the brain’s primary functions is to scan the environment for threats, so it tends to focus on the negative. Because happiness is NOT a survival need, it isn’t scanning for positive things. This is one of the reasons happiness rarely falls on us, accidentally. Also, in our culture, we’re sort of trained to believe that our happiness is determined by our external circumstances: If we get what we want, then of course we’ll be happy. But is that true? How many times have we gotten the job we wanted, the romantic partner we wanted, that new car we wanted — only to find ourselves, a short time later, unhappy again? A Plan For Living re-wires our brain to seek happiness intentionally, from internal resources rather than external happenstance.