Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your WorldMindfulness can be defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations”.  Mindful thinking helps individuals realize that only you have the ability to control your own life and that, up until this point, you are the one common denominator in all of your own problems.  (This is OK – really – I didn’t change until I was forced to…)

A Plan For Living gives you the ability to make a complete stop in your life.  In order for anything to truly change direction you must stop before moving.  Our approach allows you to separate mind from your physical identity.  We ask difficult questions that help you truly interrogate who you are.  This interrogation allows you to see how you contribute to the problems in your life.

Once you are able to see your contribution to your problems you can begin to address them.  A Plan For Living helps you uncover areas in your life where you expend significant amounts of energy with very little return.  Our focus is to work with you to re-focus that energy on your inner self.

The Plan’s techniques and tips help you rewire your brain to down-regulate negative emotions.  There are five primary emotions that humans experience including anger, fear, worry, grief and joy.  Four of them are negative emotions.  The Plan helps you process those emotions or experiences when you have them, noticing them, experiencing them, naming them, and then taking the appropriate action, rather than identifying with those emotions and instantly, unconsciously reacting to them.

As a result of a rigorous self-assessment and techniques to improve communication, first with yourself, and then with others, A Plan For Living allows you to see change in others by exclusively focusing on yourself.  The self assessment also allows you to realize that feelings aren’t facts.  Many of us live in a world in which we pretend not to know what is going on around us.  We respond and react to situations around us that may or may not be real.  Our self assessment helps you get to real.  It is an iterative process and with each iteration your true reality is exposed.



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